Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ocean Park: The Not-So-PC Asian Amusement Park

First of all, it was one of the hottest days thus far this summer recorded at 34.5 degrees C (about 94.1F) at something like 80% humidity. You may claim that I was just suffering from heat stroke.

Ocean Park is your typical Sea World, minus the fact that there are two sections connected only via cable car.
There are aquariums, zoo exhibits, and dolphin shows mixed with some amusement park rides. However, there were some anomalies. Among them, one was the multitude of "cavemen" in the dinosaur area.

One bopped you on the head with a stuffed bone when you entered. Another scared the pants off of me inside the dinosaur exhibition. Some would through a bone at you in the foam play area. Yes, there was a foam play area in the park.

Another oddity was the Spanish/Latin band while we were waiting for the dolphin show to start. No, it's probably not the most "Asian" thing to have.

However, no Asian amusement park is truly complete without the prepubescent boys doing acrobatics. They were doing some amazing tricks flipping onto each other and throwing each other in the air.

Aside from the above, we did get to see a fun dolphin show, pandas, and red pandas (aka FIREFOXES!). Despite the feeling of walking in a boiler room, it was a pretty fun time and definitely worth my time.

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  1. is that "firefox" a for real animal?! that blows my mind.